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Bull Tales

A cape flutters in the wind from the top of Kingston's skyline; a brilliant red flag of freedom, truth, and justice! The letter M surrounded by a labyrinth is emblazoned at the garment's core. The spandex suit he's donned groans in protest as he leans over the lip of the building. He has no right to wear something this tight, it's an affront to the eyes. The ladder he used to climb the building is carefully hidden out of view for cinematic purposes. He swallows deeply, trying to keep his gaze steely as he reels from vertigo and a morbid fear of heights.

Suddenly, from a nearby alley, a call of distress! A gamer in need of assistance! "Where can I find Cards Against Humanity?" the man shouts, his eyes red from crying in frustration. "I just want to buy it, pleeeeeeeeeease. Take my money, dammit! Someone help me!"

Minotaur Man sighs. It's a question he's fielded many times before. It's sad, really. Still, aiding a gamer in distress is his calling. He SPRINGS into action. Grabbing his trusty bullhorn, he switches it to full and calls down. "It's not available at retail locations in Kingston... you'd need to go online to the Cards Against Humanity website and order it direct from them. Or alternatively, you could just download it for free and print it yourself; or if you knew someone in Toronto I suppose they could pick up a copy for you from Snakes and Lattes. We do sell a similar game though. It's a clone by another company called Personally Incorrect. It's like... thirty bucks. Check it out at Minotaur."

From the opposite side of the street, two friends emerge from The Sleepless Goat (about three seconds too late to hear his message) one saying: "I just wish I knew of a store in Kingston where I could find the game."

"What's it called again?" her girlfriend asks.

"Cards Against Humanity."

Minotaur Man rubs his horned brow, and groans. From inside the store the phone rings: a question about Cards Against Humanity being fielded by one of his colleagues. He finishes his Starbucks white chocolate mocha, and resolves to find a better way to spread the word to the people. Maybe a blog? That will be much more efficient than shouting from the rooftops. Yeah, a blog. That's the ticket!

* * * *

In case you've missed it, Minotaur has moved! Scary, I know, but just take a deep breath. It shocked me too, when I thought of changing locations after nearly ten years in the same space. The new store is two blocks further down towards the waterfront at 78 Princess St. right across from Vandervoorts. It's got spacious windows, a completely new floor design, while still maintaining all the same merchandise you've come to love and expect.

In addition, all of our beading supplies, yarn, and much of our consignment art from Labyrinth has been moved down and incorporated back into the store's layout. Everything is together under one roof again, so come on down and see what's changed and what the new space looks like. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to our craft supplies we carry darts; chess; traditional games such as backgammon and go; classic Hasbro titles such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, etc.; party games; word games; card games; Euro-strategy board games; military strategy games; Dungeons and Dragons miniatures and books; comic-book related gifts; Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dr.Who merchandise; Asterix & Obelix, Tintin, and Le Petite Prince figurines; key chains; table hockey sets; postcards and greeting cards; science kits; marbles... the list goes on and on... and Minotaur Man is standing opposite me, arms crossed and shaking his head. I think I need to wrap this one up. The easiest thing you can do is come on down and see what we have in stock.

Minotaur and the Kingston MakerSpace are happy to present Make & Craft Nights! Attendance has been steadily increasing, but we also want to get the word out, so spread the news! Bring your projects: knitting, beading, electronics, Adruino, sketching, cartooning, etc. All projects are welcome on all nights, but there will be a theme for each evening and a person with some experience in that field will be present to help out. The Make & Craft Nights run from 6:00pm to 9:00pm every Wednesday. The events themselves are free. That's right, FREE! Some tools will be made available and materials will be available for purchase. So come on down and craft/make something special... because crafting and making aren't exactly the same thing, so I hear. Hope to see you all at the store next Wednesday.

But that's not all Craft Fans! Minotaur is taking it one step further. In addition to our free Wednesday Make & Craft Nights, we'll also be hosting some more targeted workshops. They will vary in price and subject, but will typically be held on Sundays in the afternoons. Our next upcoming workshop is on Sunday March 15th from 1:00-2:30 pm. The workshop, called Knitwise, is a monthly event run by Kayley Pugh for people new to the world of knitting. During the session you'll be making headbands and learning how to cast-on/cast-off, and how to perform knit stitch, purl stitch, stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and much more. The fee is $15 plus the cost of materials (which you're welcome to provide yourself).

If you do need to pick up yarn/needles in-store, Minotaur is offering 20% off all associated crafting supplies for people participating in Knitwise. Kayley also runs Purlwise, a workshop for more advanced knitters. Purchasing a session of either Knitwise or Purlwise will make your next three workshops cost $5 less. So whether you are taking your first steps, or looking to take your hobby to the next level, come check it out this Sunday. We have various other crafting workshops which we'll cover on the next blog update!

Ahhhhh, Games Nights. An epic arena the gaming gods have devised for players of legend to come and flex their gaming muscles. And yet, it's also for casual gamers to come, meet new friends, and learn some brand new board games. From newbie arrivals to tournament veterans, we invite gamers of all sorts to come out to the store on Thursdays and Sundays from 5:00pm to 9:00pm for an evening of fun and strategy. Unless you're playing Monopoly... What? Okay, yes, you're allowed to play Monopoly on games night, but I shall judge you as I see fit! We have over a hundred store copies to choose from, and staff that can help you in picking a fun game that will be right for you to try out on Games Night. We see everything from word games, to Euro-strategy, to RPG's being played. You're also more than welcome to bring a game from home if you have one that you don't see on our shelf but want to share with the other gamers. There are refreshments such as pop, water, and juice for sale, and chocolate/granola bars also available for purchase. We'll look for you next time, hope to see you all there! [Hurries out and makes sure there are enough chairs for everyone].

Art! Minotaur is chock full of it. For many local Kingstonians it probably comes as no great surprise to hear we have had another Group Art Show up at the store, but for those of you unfamiliar with the process let me fill you in. We host Group Art Shows with a single word or phrase as a theme, and any artist can submit one piece to the show as long as it directly or loosely fits the theme. So for instance we did 'Flight' years ago and that could be anything from airplanes to dragons wheeling about in the sky or perhaps something more abstract like a flight of stairs. The submissions may be any medium, and can either be for sale or for display only. That's up to you! If you do chose to sell your art, we do a fairly standard gallery split of 60/40 in favor of the artist. The current art show that's on display is 'Critters!' and will be running until our next show which I'm happy to now announce. The next show will be up and hanging by May 22nd as part of Kingston's Art After Dark tour. The theme this time is 'Science' so feel free to start brainstorming up ideas and get drawing... or painting... or sculpting. You get the picture! Hah! UcwhatIdidDer? Lolcats would be proud of me and my mother would not... [hangs head in shame].

Cribbage Tournaments too? Gods, that's a lot of stuff going on. Well, Cribbage has been super popular for us here at Minotaur, so much so that we've created our very own league. Yup, that's right. A league. Now relax, it's not all pros, but I've played in it myself and let me tell you there is some serious competition and skill among these folks! That said, new players are welcome as well and we've seen brand new players earn prizes. Each night is staggered about a month and a half apart and people can sign up for it in advance (sign up sheets are at the front of the store). The tournament starts at 7pm on Saturday April 11th at Minotaur. It costs $10 per player and will consist of seven one-on-one games. The winner (and sometimes the runner up, depending on the number of participants) will leave with gift certificates! It's also part of a larger Crib League where we record players' scores from tournament to tournament. Scoring is based on your total cumulative score, so even if you don't win a game you can still win as long as you show up and peg high. At the end of a season, the overall winner will earn a separate gift basket from Minotaur for being our 2015 Cribbage Champion!

Minotaur Man is all tuckered out, and his spandex suit is really uncomfortable, so that's it for now. If he has any more information to pass along I'll make sure to get it up next time! And remember, Cards Against Humanity isn't available in stores! (He wanted me to tell you again, just in case you'd forgotten.) Thanks again everyone for tuning into the blog. I hope you've got all the information you were looking for, but feel free to check out our Facebook group and our Twitter feed, or don't hesitate to ring the store concerning any and all questions about events, store hours, or stock. This has been... oh, I suppose I need to come up with a new blog name, since 'Labyrinth' got used for our last store. Hmmm... a drum roll, please!... ummm... ummm... it shall be our second installment of Bull Tales: a Minotaur Games and Gifts blog. See you next time. Buhhhhbyeeee.